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Meatless Hearty Bowl

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These bowls, perfect for vegetarians and allergen-free eaters enjoy their most flavourful meals ever with our plant-based meatless hearty bowls.

No dairy, no gluten means you can indulge in a bowl of noodles without any regrets!

With ingredients like air-dried white cabbage flakes and umami medley, your tastebuds will be left feeling totally satisfied. 

Our plant-based meatless bowls are made with simple, natural whole ingredients. Our recipes are vegan/vegetarian friendly and free of gluten, dairy, wheat, eggs, beef, or animal fat.

They are also certified non-GMO.

The secret to these bowls is in our ingredients - all of which are carefully selected and combined to create the most flavourful main course you've ever tasted!

Our mission is simple: we want everyone, everywhere, every time to enjoy a delicious meatless bowl. It's healthy, nutritious, and 100% natural.

Our plant-based frozen bowls make mealtime easy, convenient, and stress-free.

Directions: Add 375 ml boiling hot water to the bag, let steep for 6-8 minutes.

Ingredients: Rice noodles, textured pea protein, umami medley, dehydrated carrot flakes, shiitake powder, Korean spice mix, dehydrated mushroom flakes, dehydrated kimchi flakes, air dried white cabbage flakes, air dried green onion rolls, salt, dehydrated nori.