Your Busy Life Needs A Simple Label - Kayla Beyer, Founder & CEO

While my husband and I both grew up on dairy farms in Minnesota we spent our first 10 years living in the city (...which taught us a lot).   About 6 summers ago, we finally found a small hobby farm with a house that needed “…a little fixing up” and ditched the city life.

We both had corporate jobs we loved but felt sheltered in town. So, with 5 kids in tow, we started our journey. We got a dog yay! We built a barn. We bought our first cow. Our kids all watched our cow have our first calf. There were lots of tears and recordings. And texts sent out to friends and family with cow emojis (which I hadn't realized existed). Put up a chicken coop and went to the local post office to pick up our new baby chicks. Yes, its apparently normal they come in a shipping box and arrive at the post office. The kids were learning how precious new life can be.

Meanwhile we 'putzed away on the house and I continued on with law school. My husband worked during the day and farmed his crop land at night. Life was busy.

School came in fall. Actually, a van picked up the kids on their first day because that's JUST how far out in the sticks we do live. Kids made friends and we continued to be enamored with rural community living.

As we took on more projects at home like gardening, canning, baking fresh bread, caring for animals and trading our summer goods with neighbors (rhubarb pie is really good but I could not grow it), I realized how unhealthy we used to eat. Much of our food was processed. In town, when the kids were little, healthy dishes went to the way side and take-out and freezer meals were more appealing.

As a food industry veteran, I yearned to create something for those with busy lives like ours. Those who wanted something healthy and quick to throw on the table when life comes at you fast. A product that was minimally processed. A product that was deeply rooted in the virtuous endeavors of life.

We teach our kids to love and care for our land, our animals, our neighbors, and most importantly each other.

We want people to remember that life can truly be simple AND sustainable, and so can your food.

~ Deeply Rooted Farms