Your Busy Life Needs A Simple Label - Kayla Beyer, Founder & CEO

Deeply Rooted Farms is Sustainable

We are, Deeply Sustainable.

Sustainability means something different to everyone.

To us, it means being more mindful of how we affect the food supply chain.

And if we dig a little deeper, how we can make an impact on delivering food to the global population with as little energy use as possible.

The supply chain is fraught with over-handling, over-shipping, and over-charging the end consumer.

We were intentional about how we wanted to go to market. Keeping it ‘simple’ means less processing…and keeping the planet safer.

By introducing a shelf-stable product, we intentionally reduce the energy cost to warehouse, ship, and retail a freezer item in each grocery store.

Sustainability also means less processing. To not only reduce energy, use out of the process, but to also keep our food as clean as we can without a bunch of additives.

We all deserve less-produced food.