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Hearty Starters Sample Bundle

Your husband has been telling you plant-based protein will never satisfy his longing for beef.

You've tried countless soy-based sides, eggplant parmesan dishes, and even 17 batches of chickpea flour donuts, but he still isn't satisfied until his stomach is full with meat.

Plus, all these half-time commercials with fresh beef in them don't help.

Many people don't realize that plant-based proteins can be just as satisfying in recipes that call for traditional animal-based protein, like chicken or ground beef.

And for those of you who aren't sure what flavor to pick, we're introducing Deeply Rooted Farm's Hearty Starters Sample Bundle.

Our Hearty Starters contain non-GMO pea protein crumbles. They are vegetarian/vegan-friendly, soy-friendly, gluten-free, and packed with more protein and fewer carbs than you would believe!

This bundle includes:

-(2) 1 lb Fiesta Mexican Plant-Based Crumbles (Bestseller!)

-(2) 1 lb Zesty Italian Plant-Based Crumbles

With Deeply Rooted Farm's non-GMO pea protein crumbles, you can make any of your favorite dishes healthier and more sustainable for the planet.

Some of our customers have used it in almost every recipe that calls for ground beef, while others have chosen specific types of recipes.

There's no need to worry about the taste while transitioning to plant-based protein because Deeply Rooted Farms has got you covered.

We promise you won't even notice the difference in the taste of your food while you are cooking, but your husband sure will!