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Hearty Starters Fiesta Mexican

Plant based crumbles that taste just like beef? You betcha!

Deeply Rooted Farms Hearty Starters Fiesta Mexican is a customer favorite. It tastes great in tacos, burritos, and nachos; it can also be used in any recipe that calls for a pound of ground beef. Add this delicious keto-friendly meatless crumble to your next fiesta or spread this hearty vegetarian starter to your brunch celebrations with scrambled eggs and tortillas.

The best thing about our product is the simplicity of cooking it. You just add water! After about 7 minutes, you have delicious plant based meat crumbles to add to any dish.

Our Hearty Starters are gluten free and soy free. They contain zero added carbs (fillers) for those of you on a Keto diet!

It contains 13g of protein per serving.

Each bag can be stored in your pantry and can replace over 1 pound of ground beef.

Our products will fill you up without the guilt so get started today!