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Plant-Based Protein Gift Basket Sampler Pack

Why settle for a mediocre meal when you can enjoy tasty, wholesome, and easy-to-make plant-based meals?

Deeply Rooted Farms has pure vegetarian protein (made from peas!), ground meatless crumbles that are versatile and work in any recipe calling for animal-based meat.

Plus we offer hearty meal kits that take 15 minutes just add water time to make because who has time to spend hours cooking, anyway?

With Deeply Rooted Farms you can enjoy all the taste, texture, and flavor of animal meats with none of the guilt.

There's only one way to find out - try us for yourself with this complete bundle of all our signature flavors!

This Bundle Includes:

-Fiesta Mexican Meatless Crumbles (Bestseller!)

-Zesty Italian Meatless Crumbles

-Sizzling Korean BBQ Meatless Crumbles

-Fiesta Mexican Complete Meal Kit

-Zesty Italian Complete Meal Kit

-Sizzling Korean BBQ Complete Meal Kit

We are disrupting the way people think about food with cleaner ingredients and better-for-you options!

Our meals, meatless crumbles, and soups are handcrafted in a US facility.

Each meal is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly.

Our plant-based protein is leading the market with more protein and fewer carbs and fillers. It's even Keto-friendly!

Deeply Rooted Farms is a company founded by a loving wife and mother of five who was simply looking for a healthier alternative for fast meal prep.

Now we're a family business doing our part to save the world one meal at a time!