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Plant-Based Tater Tot Hotdish Recipe (Healthy!)

Tater Tot Hotdish is a quick and easy comfort food recipe throughout the Midwest. This recipe is filled with filling Hearty Starters Zesty Italian meatless crumbles, vegetables, cheese, and baked with tots for a scrumptious meal!

    Mexican Keto Cornbread Casserole (made with plant-based protein!)

    This Mexican cornbread recipe is sure to leave your family salivating for more! With the addition of plant-based protein, it becomes a hearty, nutritious dish that will even satisfy your husband.

    The Face Behind Deeply Rooted Farms

    While my husband and I both grew up on dairy farms in Minnesota we spent our first 10 years living in the city (which taught us a lot).   About 6 years ago, we finally found a small hobby farm with a house that needed “…a little fixing up” and ditched the city life.

    How Deeply Rooted Originated
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    Life comes fast. You put your heart and soul into every moment, but you’re always moving, always going. You give everything you’ve got, every day.

    So do we.

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