K-12 Plant-Based Crumbles


Expanding palates and program participation

With premium Deeply Rooted K-12 Plant-Based Protein Crumbles, you can create dishes that not only satisfy students with specialty diets, but delight traditional eaters as well.

These high-quality, pea-based crumbles feature:

Clean ingredients that let flavors shine through

Excellent mouthfeel and taste experience

Versatile use across the most popular K-12 dishes

Try every delicious, shelf-stable variety

It’s not often you find ingredients that you can feed to 100% of students – and feel good about it. Our allergen-free crumbles can be simply substituted for beef, chicken and pork, and are available in four flavorful, easy-prep varieties:

Unflavored Crumbles

Fiesta Mexican Crumbles

Zesty Italian Crumbles

Korean BBQ Crumbles


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